TB and HIV

The worst situation that happens to TB control projects all over the world is the epidemic of HIV virus or AIDS among people infected with TB . Basically, TB bacteria are usually eradicated by special white blood cells, which are responsible for our defense. But in a TB patient co-infected with HIV, the HIV virus can proliferate within that white blood cell and finally kills that cell. This makes HIV patients vulnerable to TB bacteria.HIV patients have a higher chance of succumbing to TB disease and dying than healthy people.


TB is the most common infectious disease among AIDS patients. If the TB bacteria isolated from AIDS patient is resistant to the anti-TB drugs, treatment and prevention becomes difficult. The chance that the patient will spread the germ to close contacts and community is very high. Originally, the TB problem was under control, but a rising incidence has occurred with the HIV epidemic. The WHO predicted 11 years ago that TB and HIV co-infection may cause around 36 million deaths.




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