Rapid TB Diagnosis Service

  Drug-Resistant TB Research Fund  

The Drug -Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund" under the Patronage to
Her Royal Highness Princess Galayani Vadhana
Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra




In the era of the AIDS epidemic and the rising incidence of drug-resistant tuberculosis, TB has returned as a major killer in Thailand. We all have to see to it that our Thai physicians have effective weapons to fight against this serious, sometimes incurable, disease.

Since TB is an extremely infectious airborne disease like the common cold, it is very easy to catch TB. It is very important to identify and treat patients with drug-resistant TB with the most effective medicine as soon as possible. If those who are infected with drug-resistant TB are not cured, they will continue to spread the disease to others.

The drug susceptibility testing is the first crucial step in managing drug-resistant TB. The test result will help guide physicians to select the optimal anti-TB medicine. However, until recently, the major barrier to control the drug-resistant TB was the lack of cheap, rapid and accurate diagnostic testing methods. 

Today this test is available at the cost of 100 baht. In Thailand there are annually approximately 60,000 identified TB patients who need this test. "The Drug -Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund" under the Patronage to Her Royal Highness Princess Galayani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra was established in 2001 to combat drug-resistant tuberculosis. It is in the best interest of all concerned citizens to help Thailand fight this new form of tuberculosis by donating to "The Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund" within the Siriraj Foundation.



  • To perform drug susceptibility testing free of charge for all TB-smear positive patients from public and government hospitals in Thailand.

  • In future, with adequate funding, this free testing may be offered to private hospitals in Thailand and medical facilities of our neighbouring countries


  • To provide Thai physicians with adequate information to achieve complete cure of their TB patients.
  • To control the drug-resistant TB situation in Thailand


1. Dean, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

2.Professor Emeritus Direk Israngkul Na Ayudtaya, MD.

3. Pol.Col. Vongpan Snidvongs Na Ayudtaya

4.Khunying Wanna Sirivadhanabhakdi

5. Mr.krianglit Sukcharoensin

6. Mr. Suchai Narongnanukul


1. Manoon Leechawengwongs MD. (Committee Chairman)

2. Head of Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital (Committee Vice-Chairman )

3. Professor Amorn Leelarasamee, MD.

4. Professor Nalinee Aswapokee, MD.

5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angkana Chaipraset, Head of Mycobacteriology and Mycology unit (Committee & Secretary)

6. Pharmacists Saismon Leechawengwong

7. Dr.Therdsak Prammananan


Mycology and Mycobacteriology Laboratory, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University



1. Donate personally at the Siriraj Foundation office, 1st floor of Administration Building, Siriraj Hospital for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund (D 2190)

2. Transfer money to the Siam Commercial Bank, Siriraj Branch, “Siriraj Foundation” account number 016-3-00049-4. Please send a copy of the deposit, with the donor’s name and address to us either by fax or mail and specify donation to “The Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund” (D2190).

3. Donate via mail by sending a check, payable to The Siriraj Foundation. Specify donation to “The Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Research Fund” (D2190).

In order to get a receipt; please send your name and address to:

The Siriraj Foundation

1st floor of Administration Building 2 Prannok Road, Bangkoknoi Bangkok 10700, Thailand



For more information regarding donations, please call

Tel. 0-2419-7658-9, 0-2412-2009, 0-2412-8573,

Fax 0-2419-8514



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