DELIVERY OF CLINICAL SAMPLE Request form for Direct Sense Test


  1. Collect the specimen in an aseptic bottle (A) and close the lid tightly.  Then wrap the lid with a plastic film (polyethylene film)  to prevent leakage of the specimen.  Specify the patient's name and the type of specimen on a label and attach in to the bottle.

  2. Put the bottle in a plastic bag (B) and put it in the bigger plastic bag (C).

  3. Put it in a padded envelope (D) which can be bought at a post office.

  4. Finally put the envelope in a box (E) that you can be bought at a post office.

  5. Send your parcel to us.  Please do not send by normal mail, the express service (EMS) is needed.

Note: Make sure that a completely filled request form is enclosed with the specimen.  "A specimen without a request form or an incomplete request form will not be examined".

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