To know the drug susceptibility of specimens within 2-3 weeks.


Limitation of this test:
This testing method can only be used with positive AFB specimen (³ 1+)


AFB smear Report :

Quantitative Microscopy of Direct Spectrum Smears

No. of bacilli seen
No AFB in at least 100 fields Negative
1to 9 AFB in 100 fields No. of Cell/Slide
10 to 99 AFB in 100 fields 1+
1 to 10 AFB per field in at least 50 fields 2+
>10 cells AFB per field in at least 20 fields 3+


Instruments & Equipment:

1. Disc Drug

2. Media and Buffer

3. Plates, Loops, Pipette, Rack, Test tubes and Forceps

4. Slides and Acid Fast Staining Set

5. Safety Cabinet

6. Vortex Mixer

7. Plastic Sealer

8. Plastic Wrap

9. Microscope


Testing Processes


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